Shingeki no Kyojin – The Final Season – EP 15-16

Somewhere during a village, the soldiers are wearing masks and spread the gas everywhere the village. One of the masked soldiers reveals that the gas contained his cerebrospinal fluid . Anyone who inhales the gas will fall unconscious instantly. The soldiers and Zeke destroy the village using the powers of the Titans. The Titans from the village were moving consistent with Zeke’s will. Attack on Titan Season 4 has revisited a number of the incidents that happened within the past.
In the present, Zeke keeps on saying that village and Akerman it’s Ragako, not that village. Ragako is that the name of the village that Zeke has destroyed and slaughter the villagers. Zeke replies that he wishes he didn’t do this , but he had no choice since they might have learned that he’s aligned top Eldian restoration. The two are camping somewhere in the forest. Zeke is hidden, and no one knows where he is except for Akerman and his allies.



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