one piece 964 1080p

Oden transformed the lawless land of Kuri into a habitable place. Kozuki Sukiyaki gave him the title of the Daimyo of Kuri. Sukiyaki is the Shogun of the last past 40 years Era. Oden thinks that out at sea, there are extraordinary things that are beyond his imagination. He wants to travel around the sea and find out what is there. While near the port, Whitebeard has arrived with his pirate crew.

His ship is broken, and he asks why there is a sea and an island here. The villagers saw them and heads back to the village and report that they saw the pirates near the port. Oden heard that, and he heads out to see them. The news about the pirates spread all over the Land of Wano. Oden arrives at the port, and Whitebeard thinks that a powerful man is attacking them. He draws his sword out. Oden also attacks with two-sword style, and their sword clashes producing a flash of huge lightning. 

One Piece Episode 964 will be released on Sunday, 28 February 2021, at 9:30 AM JST. More info about One Piece is accessible

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